It all began many years ago when I first started scrutinizing ingredient lists for food, cosmetics, and skincare products. I have spent countless hours studying what different substances do and how they can be replaced with more natural alternatives that benefit both people and the environment.

When we were looking to invest in a bed, there was always some aspect where I had to compromise; Swedish-made and organic? I only found projects I could follow, but no finished offerings.

Suddenly, an opportunity arose to collaborate with a craftsman in Paris, Omar, who wanted to carry on his trade. I took time off from my desk job to go there as an apprentice. Working with loose wool with my eager craftsman hands led me to the decision to bring this craft to Sweden. It started as a part-time endeavor and a hobby, but in the long run, to cultivate and share the knowledge.

After my apprenticeship and the dream of proudly carrying on the trade from Omar, we can now offer locally made mattresses just south of Gothenburg. We make fewer compromises when it comes to materials, using Swedish wool from dedicated sheep farmers in Halland and carefully selected fabrics, preferably as close to production as possible, designed to last for decades.

Omar, je suis honorée!

Sandra Ottersten, mattress maker and founder

ull luktar gott