It all started quite a few years ago, when I first started reading ingredient lists for food, makeup and skincare products. Many hours have been spent reading about what different substances and chemicals do to your organism and what you can replace them with that is more natural for both people and the environment.

When we were investing in a bed, there was always one feature I had to compromise on; Swedish-made organic? I only found one project I could follow, but not a finished one.

Suddenly an opportunity came up to connect with a craftsman in Paris, Omar, who wanted to see the profession live on.

I took time off from my desk job to go there and apprentice. Digging into loose wool with my crafty hands led me to a decision to move forward with bringing the craft to Sweden. So far part-time and in my spare time, but the knowledge would be cultivated and spread.

After the teaching and the dream of proudly passing on the profession from him, we can now offer locally made mattresses just south of Gothenburg, fewer compromises on materials with Swedish wool from devoted sheep owners in Sweden and Denmark. With fabrics carefully selected, from as close as possible, to last for decades.

Omar, I am honored!

Sandra Ottersten, mattress maker and founder



ull luktar gott




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