Our mattresses are made of wool. Just washed fluffy wool. Läs mer


Wool from southern Sweden and Denmark, washed with GOTS certification. Carefully selected fabrics for your needs. Läs mer


After a decade of sleeping, we can remake your mattress, washing the fabric and make it springy and like new. Läs mer

Long lasting products, handmade in Sweden, with traditional craftsmanship


Wake up refreshed in a bed made from nature’s own functional material. A wool mattress is naturally heat-regulating, self-cleaning and biodegradable.

We manufacture on a small scale in Sweden. We take care of wool that would otherwise be thrown away.

Sustainable and non-toxic for both you and the environment.




Large piles of loose cuddly wool are carefully inserted between two layers of fabric and held in place with a tufting technique and edge stitching in an ancient craft. You feel like you are sinking down and being lifted up at the same time, like on a cloud!

Ullmadrass med bäddmadrass lintyg

Our wool mattresses for beds are made in standard size or customized in different hardnesses. The fabrics are carefully selected for your needs. See more


Create a non-toxic environment in your baby’s room! See our products for baby and children’s beds.

Pinnbänk pinnstol dyna ahndgjord ulldyna

Customize a wool mattress with your own fabric for your daybed or boat?


A wool mattress lasts year after year. Contact us with your questions via the form. We always call or email you after placing an order.


You are welcome to call or email your questions. Maybe make an appointment to visit our wool workshop and showroom in Hovås, just outside Gothenburg.

Lyckhemsvägen 11, 436 55 Hovås
+46 031 144 733

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We are currently developing more products. Join the journey and sign up for our newsletter!


We are currently developing an all-wool mattress cover at your request. Right now you can register your interest in pre-ordering and follow the process in our newsletter. It will also help us figure out how much to produce.

Our development requirements:

  • washable
  • sized to fit your bed
  • can be used in a cot
  • Plastic-free and non-toxic
  • Conscious material sourcing


Pillow filled with wool balls

We have made a special pillow for those who love wool! The sample collection sold out in one weekend with great reviews.

Pre-order in our webshop!

  • Completely in wool
  • Filled with wool balls
  • It can be adjusted in height and fluffed up with the help of the opening
  • Washable fabric in the softest GOTS merino.
  • Incredibly comfortable to sleep on
  • Designed to last for many long years and nights

Lyckhemsvägen 11, 436 55 Hovås (Göteborg), Sweden

Tel: +46 031 144733