Take care of your mattress:

Use it!

but do not sleep directly on the floor. Wool “breathes” moisture from your body into the environment around you. This is why we recommend that it is on the ribbed bottom, but an elastic mattress also provides some air.


Turn the mattress over!

During the first months of sleep, the wool fibers settle into place. The mattress sinks about 10% during this time. They need a little help from you to create an even sleeping mattress that keeps its shape for many years. You will need to turn it one way every week for the first month, so that each part of the mattress receives an equal amount of pressure from your body. After that, you can turn it as needed or once a year.


Keep your home clean!

If you place your wool mattress in a summer house or a closet in the dark, there is a risk of pests. However, you can prevent this by putting the mattress in a plastic cover. This prevents moths or furries from getting at it.

Other tips for dealing with pests at home include cleaning and placing red cedar wood or red cedar oil next to the bed.







If you get a stain on your mattress, you can spot wash it using a heavily damp terry cloth towel and olive or bile soap. Dab/rub the stain and then dab only water into the cloth. Then press the water out with a dry terry cloth towel so that most of the water comes out. Leave the mattress in a warm place, such as a sunny window during the day so that it feels dry to make the bed again.


Bed mattresses

Mattress pads also need to be turned in the same order as a mattress pad. They can be rolled up from different sides if it feels uneven from sleeping.



Sleep well!

We wish you many years of good sleep, knowing that you can let us refresh the mattress in a remake when it feels worn out. If you buy another bed in the future, you can be sure that the mattress can be put on the compost heap and taken care of by nature.








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