The white gold – We want to showcase the white gold, dispel myths about the coarse-fiber wool, and bring it into living rooms and bedrooms. For mattresses and seat cushions, we use wool from the Texel and Suffolk sheep breeds. It doesn’t tangle like wool from most other breeds and its crimpy fibers spring back against pressure. This is the secret to the great comfort experienced by many who sleep on our wool mattress.

Ecology and short value chain – There is Swedish wool that could be described as organic, as it comes from a KRAV farm or organically operated farm and is washed with GOTS labeling. However, there is still no certification for organic wool in Sweden.

The wool mattress is filled with Swedish and Danish wool, mainly from ewes that are well cared for by our dedicated sheep farmers.

We work closely with our friends the shearers who bring the wool from the farm after shearing to avoid unnecessary transportation. The wool that fills our wool mattresses and products is washed in one of Europe’s laundries that holds GOTS certification and extremely high requirements for water purification.

From sheep to mattress -Wool is a renewable product, and shearing it keeps the sheep healthy. Our two sheep shearers, Dave in central Denmark and Calle in southern Sweden, visit farms and give us and you peace of mind that the animals they meet are doing well. Calle, who together with his partner Charlotte runs Västkustens Ullinsamling and CC Wool, collects the wool and coordinates the washing.

Sweden and the discarded wool: “A large amount of wool does not find its purpose and is buried or thrown away in landfills. We want to make use of this re-growing natural resource and at the same time ensure that the sheep farmer gets an extra income for his farm. We do this by creating demand for the wool that has so far not been in demand and, in addition, we now give back more than the general price per kilo of wool for each mattress we make. The farms that leave their wool for mattresses receive an extra payment from us to help cover the cost of shearing and handling the wool. In many other cases, the sheep farmer has no choice but to dispose of the wool at the landfill, which is also subject to a fee for businesses.


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