Too hot?

Wool has high air and moisture permeability, which contributes to a very good sleeping climate and therefore feels cooler in hot weather.

Too cold?

The curly shape of wool creates a lot of air space around it. This air gets warmed up by your body when you sleep, creating a consistent temperature.

An allergy-friendly bed

Moisture in textiles provides a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria and dust mites, while wool retains moisture between the fibers but does not let it penetrate the fiber, allowing it to expel dirt, dust, and mites.


The oils of lanolin covering the wool fibers permits the ability to self-clean. Simply airing it out is often sufficient!


The wool in a mattress contributes to a quieter bedroom. Wool is also used to soundproof machines in heavy industry.


When the wool is held together by the fabric and our craftsmanship technique, it provides motion dampening. You’ll feel your partner’s movements less with a wool mattress.


A wool mattress maintains its elasticity and bounce for a long time. Wool fibers can be bent 20,000 times without breaking, which is in contrast to cotton, which breaks after 3,200 bends, for example.

Low flamability

In a fire, wool provides a self-extinguishing protection. It helps to reduce toxic gases and flammability even when wool is mixed with other materials.

A non-toxic bed

Magical wool from our local sheep and organic fabrics we would wear next to our bodies. Completely free from toxic substances that disrupt our body’s functions.

Naturally antibacterial

Wool is gently naturally antibacterial and does not provide a breeding ground for bacteria, microbes, or dust mites as easily as other materials. We have customers who have relieved their nasal congestion with the help of our wool mattresses!


Wool can retain moisture up to one-third of its weight between the fibers, but the fiber itself does not allow moisture to penetrate. This is why wool is self-cleaning, as air and moisture carry away dirt. Learn more about how to care for wool and wool mattresses.


The wool we use is called Texel wool. It is mostly white, and each fiber compressed inside the fabric strives outward, like a metal spring. Thats the secret of the bounce and comfort in your wool mattress.


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