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In the search for naturals?

The technical fibre of sheeps wool is perfect for sleeping and we customize the mattress to your needs.

Together we find the right firmness and combination of bedframe, bedbase with slats or maybe you just like one of our toppers to add some woolen comfort to your upholstered bed.

The height of our standard mattresses is 17 cm. You will find them here in our webshop.

When ordering a 160 or wider, we can adjust the firmness differently on the two sides. If you like your mattress firm or medium, but have wide sholders or sensitive hips, its possible to have a softer zone for your best comfort of sleep.

We believe in minimalistic bedding We only use wool for filling and a selected outer shell fabric. We strive for the use of materials in a sustainable way, finding the balance of building a longlastning product with materials harvested from the earth with respect of water use, chemical impact, people and long distance shipping. We see the need to make our voices heard about the landfills of plastic foam mattresses, that are quite hard for the few existing mattress recyclers to digest.

More fabric and foam, more risk of dust and mites. In fact, its the moisture wicking properties of wool that keep the mites away from a wool mattress. They just dont like the dryness the wool provides for you whil sleeping.

You can place your wool mattress on any upholstered bed but we do recommend wooden slats. They allow airflow under the mattress to better evaporate into the room, leaving you dry even in hot weather or if you have night sweating.

Topper mattress

Our topper is 10 cm in height.

Handmade in our workshop with the traditional tufting technique. A mattress of 180 x 200cm have almost 100 handtufted knots. The tuftingballs made of cotton are there to save the fabric from tearing from the pressure the wool creates from within.

Choice of fabric:

We aim for a non-toxic sleeping anvironment for you. Our choices of fabric is a Ökotex cotton canvas and Romanian hemp. You find our cotton choice in the webshop. Contact us for orders with hemp or GOTS certified cotton.

Do you have other wishes of fabric? Get in touch with an email!


The solid wool mattress is firmly assembled through dense tufting. The wool and craftsmanship do the work and ensure that back/ stomach sleepers get the comfort they need throughout the night.

From 15 000 Skr


This hardness is built to give most people a comfortable rest, with just enough room for the hips and shoulders to sink in, keeping the back straight for those who often sleep on their sides.

From 15 000 Skr


For those who have muscular pains or sleep mostly on their side. This allows the hips and shoulders to sink down as they need to keep the vertebrae straight, allowing them to recover from a strenuous day.

From 17 000 Skr


Do you have odd bed dimensions or need a boat or caravan sleeping mattress in special dimensions?

We manufacture according to your needs. Call or email us for advice!


After about 10 years, your mattress may need fluffing. We take the mattress in and open it, re-fluff the wool in our machine and replace the fabric if you wish. It will then last for another 10 years.

From 5 000 Skr


Our standard mattresses are 17 cm high, with your choice of firmness or softness.

We will contact you after your request and make sure everything is right for you before you decide.

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