OUR BELIEFS is taking action

We want to give you the alternative to the conventional furniture by offering craftsmanship in natural materials, quality and Swedish-made.

We strive for non-toxic, ecological and environmental sustainability.

We want to leave as little footprint on our planet as possible and see long product life and reparability as a way to achieve this.

Therefore, we use fabrics that we know will last year after year and strive to get our raw materials from as sustainable and close sources as possible.

Our interior collection uses fabrics that have already been produced but not used. In this way, we do not create new demand and prevent quality fabrics from being thrown away/burned. We do this via Rekotex.

Fabrics for mattresses are carefully selected according to GOTS-certified or other quality labels.
The wool comes from small farms in southern Sweden and now also in central Denmark. Many of the farms are managed organically and the wool is washed in a GOTS certified scouring mill in Belgium.


En ullmadrass håller år efter år. Hör av dig till oss med dina frågor via formuläret. Vi ringer eller mejlar dig alltid efter gjord beställning, så att du får det du önskar!


Lyckhemsvägen 11, 436 55 Hovås (Göteborg), Sweden

Tel: +46 031 144733